3 Rare Bicentennial Quarters Valued at Nearly $20K Each, Worth More Than Their Weight in Gold

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The world of coin collecting is full of hidden gems, and among these are certain rare Bicentennial quarters that have caught the attention of collectors and enthusiasts alike. These quarters, minted in 1976 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the United States, are generally common. However, three particular versions have reached valuations nearing $20,000 each, making them worth more than their weight in gold. This article explores the unique features and histories of these extraordinary coins and explains what makes them so valuable.

1. The 1976 Bicentennial Quarter with Double Die Obverse

One of the most valuable Bicentennial quarters is the one with a double die obverse error. This error occurs when the coin’s design is struck twice, creating a noticeable doubling effect on the obverse (front) side of the coin, particularly on the date and inscriptions. These rare error coins are highly sought after by collectors for their unique appearance and rarity. In top condition, such quarters can fetch nearly $20,000 at auction.


2. The 1976 Bicentennial Quarter with Missing Clad Layer

Another rare and valuable Bicentennial quarter is one with a missing clad layer. Typically, quarters are made with a copper core sandwiched between two layers of a copper-nickel alloy. However, in some rare cases, one of these outer layers is missing, revealing the copper core and giving the coin a distinctive appearance. These quarters are highly prized for their rarity and unusual look, with top-grade examples valued at close to $20,000.

3. The 1976 Bicentennial Quarter with a Proof Strike

Proof coins are specially made for collectors, featuring a higher quality strike and a mirror-like finish. While proof Bicentennial quarters are relatively common, a small number were mistakenly released into general circulation. These circulated proof coins are extremely rare and highly coveted by collectors. Their exceptional strike quality combined with their scarcity can drive their value up to nearly $20,000.



The realm of coin collecting is full of exciting discoveries, and these rare Bicentennial quarters valued at nearly $20,000 each are prime examples of the hidden treasures that await. The 1976 quarter with a double die obverse, the one with a missing clad layer, and the proof strike version represent some of the most valuable and intriguing finds in numismatics. Whether you’re an experienced collector or new to the hobby, these coins highlight the potential for finding valuable pieces that are worth more than their weight in gold.


  1. What makes the double die obverse Bicentennial quarter so valuable?
    • The double die obverse error creates a noticeable doubling effect on the coin’s design, making it unique and highly sought after by collectors. Its rarity and distinct appearance drive its value to nearly $20,000.
  2. Why is the Bicentennial quarter with a missing clad layer valuable?
    • The missing clad layer error reveals the copper core of the coin, giving it a distinctive look. This rarity and unusual appearance make such coins highly prized by collectors, with top examples valued close to $20,000.
  3. What is a proof strike coin, and why is it valuable?
    • A proof strike coin is made with a higher quality strike and a mirror-like finish, intended for collectors. Rare circulated proof Bicentennial quarters are exceptionally valuable due to their scarcity and superior strike quality, fetching nearly $20,000.
  4. How can I determine if my Bicentennial quarter is valuable?
    • To determine if your Bicentennial quarter is valuable, check for unique features like minting errors (double die, missing clad layer) or proof strike quality. Consulting a professional coin appraiser or numismatic expert can provide a precise evaluation.
  5. Where can I sell a rare and valuable Bicentennial quarter?
    • Rare and valuable Bicentennial quarters can be sold through reputable coin dealers, auction houses, or online marketplaces specializing in numismatics. Choosing platforms with strong reputations ensures a fair transaction.


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