1: Angel Hernandez, MLB umpire, retires after 29 seasons. Controversial calls mar career.

2: Known for inconsistent strike zone, Hernandez faced criticism. Career includes All-Star Game, World Series appearances.

3: Hernandez's departure leaves umpiring void. Few will miss his calls, but his impact undeniable.

4: Controversies aside, Hernandez's dedication to the game unmatched. Legacy includes mentoring young umpires.

5: End of an era as Hernandez hangs up the mask. Love him or hate him, his name won't be forgotten.

6: His career may have had its ups and downs, but Hernandez's passion for the game never wavered.

7: From the diamond to the locker room, Hernandez leaves a lasting legacy in the world of baseball.

8: As Hernandez closes this chapter of his life, the baseball world reflects on his impact.

9: Thank you, Angel Hernandez, for your years of service. Your calls may have been debated, but your dedication is undeniable.