1: Discover the hidden treasure in your pocket. Rare Bicentennial quarters hold incredible value for collectors.

2: The 1976 Bicentennial quarter features a special design. Look for the drummer boy and the 13 stars.

3: Check for rare varieties like the Type I and Type II designs. These can fetch a high price.

4: Inspect the quarters for errors, such as missing or extra letters. These mistakes can increase their worth.

5: Rare Bicentennial quarters sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Don't overlook the potential fortune in your spare change.

6: Consult a coin expert or use online resources to identify valuable Bicentennial quarters. Knowledge is key to finding hidden gems.

7: Keep an eye out for quarters in mint condition. Even small imperfections can greatly reduce their value.

8: Join coin collecting forums and communities to learn more about Bicentennial quarters. Share your findings and expand your collection.

9: Start searching through your spare change today. You never know – your next Bicentennial quarter could be worth a fortune.