1: Caitlin Clark's Hard Foul Learn about the controversial foul that shook the WNBA and changed the game.

2: The Incident Discover what happened during the game and why it sparked debate among fans.

3: Game-Changing Verdict Find out how the league reacted to the foul and the impact it had on future games.

4: Clark's Response Read about Caitlin Clark's reaction to the verdict and how it affected her play.

5: Fan Reactions See how fans and analysts responded to the foul and the league's decision.

6: Rule Changes Learn about any rule changes that resulted from the incident and how they affected gameplay.

7: Media Coverage Explore how the media covered the hard foul and the aftermath of the game-changing verdict.

8: Player Safety Understand the importance of player safety and how the league's response prioritized it.

9: Moving Forward Discover how the WNBA used this incident to improve player safety and sportsmanship across the league.