1: Angel Hernandez, a divisive figure in MLB umpiring history, retires after three decades on the field.

2: Despite his reputation for questionable calls, Hernandez made his mark in the game with numerous memorable moments.

3: Critics have long questioned Hernandez's judgment, leading to ongoing controversy throughout his career.

4: Hernandez's departure marks the end of an era for MLB umpiring and sparks debate among fans and players.

5: While some praise Hernandez's dedication and passion for the game, others are relieved to see him go.

6: As one of the longest-tenured umpires in MLB history, Hernandez leaves a lasting legacy in the sport.

7: His retirement opens the door for a new generation of umpires to make their mark on the game.

8: Love him or hate him, Hernandez's impact on MLB umpiring will be felt for years to come.

9: With Hernandez's exit, the MLB umpiring landscape shifts, leaving fans to wonder what the future holds.