1: "Angel Hernandez Calls It Quits" After three decades in MLB, iconic umpire Angel Hernandez announces retirement.

2: "A Controversial Career" Hernandez faced criticism and praise over his colorful tenure in MLB umpiring.

3: "Memorable Calls and Moments" From debut to final game, Hernandez leaves a lasting legacy in baseball history.

4: "Players React to Hernandez's Retirement" Athletes share thoughts on the departure of a polarizing figure in the game.

5: "A Look Back at Hernandez's Career" Highlights from the umpire's 30-year journey through baseball's highs and lows.

6: "The Impact of Hernandez's Umpiring Style" Discussing how Hernandez's unique approach shaped the game and officiating standards.

7: "Legacy of Angel Hernandez" Examining the umpire's impact on MLB and his influence on future generations of umpires.

8: "A New Era of Umpiring Begins" As Hernandez exits, a new chapter opens for MLB umpiring and the sport as a whole.

9: "Thank You, Angel Hernandez" Baseball fans bid farewell to a controversial yet legendary figure in MLB umpiring history.