1: NBA Commissioner Adam Silver will address Ja Morant's suspension- here's what we know.

2: Ja Morant suspended for intentionally hitting a referee. Silver to discuss disciplinary actions.

3: Morant claimed it was unintentional, but video evidence suggests otherwise. What will Silver say?

4: Fans and analysts speculate- will Ja Morant face a hefty suspension?

5: Silver's decision will set a precedent for future incidents involving player-referee altercations.

6: Suspension length unclear, but Silver's address will shed light on the situation.

7: Morant's absence will impact the Memphis Grizzlies- fans eagerly await Silver's announcement.

8: Will Morant's clean record save him from a long suspension? Silver's statement will reveal all.

9: Stay tuned for updates as Adam Silver addresses Ja Morant's suspension. The NBA world waits.