1: Discover the story of the rare 1943 copper penny valued at $10,000 and the 1969-S double die penny worth up to $35,000.

2: Uncover the mystery of the 1870-S Seated Liberty dollar, one of only nine known to exist, valued at $1.9 million.

3: Witness the incredible find of the 1794 Flowing Hair dollar, auctioned for a record-breaking $10 million.

4: Learn about the 1804 Draped Bust silver dollar, dubbed the "King of American Coins," with a value of $4.1 million.

5: Explore the history of the 1913 Liberty Head nickel, one of only five in existence, sold for $4.56 million.

6: Delve into the tale of the 1885 Trade dollar, considered one of the rarest US coins, valued at over $3.8 million.

7: Unearth the 1876-CC 20-cent piece, with only 17 known to exist, selling for over $700,000 at auction.

8: Discover the story of the 1943 bronze Lincoln cent, mistakenly minted during WWII, now worth up to $1.7 million.

9: Experience the thrill of the 1974 aluminum penny, never officially released, valued at a staggering $400,000.