1: Discover the Barber dime, minted from 1892-1916. Its iconic design makes it a coveted collectible.

2: Unearth the Liberty Seated dime, produced from 1837-1891. Look for scarce varieties like the 1873-CC.

3: Explore the Mercury dime, struck from 1916-1945. Keep an eye out for the 1916-D, with a low mintage.

4: Uncover the Draped Bust dime, issued from 1796-1807. Seek out the rare 1802 with small eagle reverse.

5: Delve into the Seated Liberty dime, minted from 1837-1891. Look for the 1871-CC, with only 20,100 minted.

6: Investigate the Roosevelt dime, first struck in 1946. Keep an eye out for the 1949-S, with a low mintage.

7: Acquaint yourself with the Flowing Hair dime, minted in 1796 and 1797. Look for the scarce 1797 with 13 stars.

8: Examine the Capped Bust dime, produced from 1809-1837. Seek out the 1822, with a low mintage of 100.

9: Appreciate the Classic Head dime, struck from 1809-1837. Look for the 1838-O, a famous rarity in the series.