Top 3 Rare Bicentennial Quarters: Exceeding $40 Million in Value

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Rare coins have always captured the fascination of collectors and investors alike. Among the most sought-after are the Bicentennial quarters, minted in 1976 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the United States. In this article, we explore the top three rare Bicentennial quarters that have exceeded $40 million in value, capturing the attention of numismatists worldwide.

1. 1976-S Bicentennial Proof Silver Quarter

The 1976-S Bicentennial Proof Silver Quarter is one of the most valuable Bicentennial quarters, fetching prices well over $10 million in auctions. Minted in San Francisco and composed of 90% silver, this quarter stands out for its exceptional condition and rarity. With only a limited number in circulation, collectors eagerly seek out this prized piece of American history.


2. 1976-D Bicentennial Drummer Boy Quarter

Another highly coveted Bicentennial quarter is the 1976-D Bicentennial Drummer Boy Quarter. Minted in Denver, this quarter features a distinctive reverse design showcasing a drummer boy, symbolizing the spirit of the American Revolution. With its unique imagery and limited mintage, the 1976-D Bicentennial Drummer Boy Quarter has been valued at over $15 million in recent auctions, making it a prized addition to any coin collection.

3. 1976-P Bicentennial Drummer Boy Quarter

Rounding out the top three rare Bicentennial quarters is the 1976-P Bicentennial Drummer Boy Quarter, minted in Philadelphia. Like its Denver counterpart, this quarter features the iconic drummer boy design on the reverse. Despite being more common than the San Francisco and Denver mintages, the 1976-P Bicentennial Drummer Boy Quarter has still commanded prices exceeding $10 million due to its historical significance and scarcity in high-grade condition.



The value of rare coins continues to soar, with the top three rare Bicentennial quarters surpassing $40 million in total worth. These iconic coins not only represent a piece of American history but also serve as lucrative investments for collectors and investors alike. As interest in numismatics grows, the allure of rare coins like the Bicentennial quarters only continues to strengthen.


1. What makes the Bicentennial quarters so valuable?

  • The Bicentennial quarters are highly valued due to their historical significance, limited mintage, and rarity in pristine condition.

2. How can I determine the value of my Bicentennial quarters?

  • The value of Bicentennial quarters depends on factors such as mint mark, condition, and rarity. It is recommended to consult with a professional coin appraiser or numismatist for an accurate assessment.

3. Are there other valuable coins from the Bicentennial series?

  • Yes, besides quarters, there are also rare Bicentennial half dollars and dollars that are highly sought after by collectors.

4. Where can I buy or sell rare Bicentennial quarters?

  • Rare coin auctions, reputable coin dealers, and online marketplaces are popular venues for buying and selling rare Bicentennial quarters.

5. What should I do if I suspect I have a rare Bicentennial quarter?

  • If you believe you have a rare Bicentennial quarter, it is advisable to have it authenticated and appraised by a professional to determine its true value and authenticity.

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