Starters and Alternators

Many modern cars and trucks place an increased demand on automotive components such as the starter motor and alternator to power their increasingly complex electrical systems. If you are experiencing problems with the electronics in your vehicle, contact Prien Lake Car Care Center on +1 337-508-2293 .

What do you do if your alternator or starter motor fails?

If the alternator or starter motor in your vehicle has failed, there is a strong chance that they have reached the end of their expected service life. If you are in Lake Charles, or the surrounding areas, including Sulphur, Westlake, Carlyss, Vinton and DeQuincy, come in and see us at 688 W Prien Lake Rd Lake Charles LA.

We supply, repair and refurbish starter motors and alternators for all vehicle makes and models. Our qualified technicians will work hard to ensure that your car, truck, or other vehicle is back on the road as soon as possible.

Need to schedule an alternator or starter motor repair or refurbishment?

Know that your vehicle is in good hands and schedule your alternator or starter motor repair or refurbishment with Prien Lake Car Care Center by: