Shocks and Struts

Shock absorbers and struts are key components of your vehicle's suspension system. They perform a critical function - keeping your wheels in proper contact with the road surface while driving over bumps. When your tires maintain consistent contact with the road your vehicle will have good traction and predictable vehicle handling.

When should you have your suspension system serviced?

Shocks and struts wear over time, which is why car and truck manufacturers typically recommend that your shocks be replaced every 50,000 miles. At Prien Lake Car Care Center we will ensure that your suspension system is safe with quality shock and strut replacements.

Are there warning signs of a worn suspension?

If you notice that your vehicle is:

This can be an indication that something is wrong with your vehicle's suspension system.

How do I schedule a suspension service?

Contact Prien Lake Car Care Center on +1 337-508-2293 for a suspension system service. Located at 688 W Prien Lake Rd Lake Charles LA, our qualified technicians can provide you with a quote should a replacement of shocks and struts be necessary. Using only quality replacement shocks and struts, we will ensure that your vehicle's suspension system is in good working order.